21 November, 2020

A new biathlon season coming up, will Black Swan be on fire again?

Last season our biathlon tipster “Black Swan” showed a profit of almost 108 units with a mere 136 tips. His yield of 24.38% for bets with ...
11 November, 2020

Christian Eriksen set for sharp exit from Giuseppe Meazza?

When Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen signed with Internazionale in January, it was seen as a game-changer. An aggressive but creatively blunt Inter...
10 September, 2020

Are the Packers ready to take the final step?

In Matt Le Fleur’s first year as head coach, the Packers went 13-3 during the regular season and advanced to the NFC title game, before going do...
10 September, 2020

Port Vale to be promoted?

Port Vale narrowly missed out on promotion, when the club decided to put the interests of fellow League Two clubs first, by voting to end the season.
26 August, 2020

What next for Lionel Messi - and which club would suit him best?

No one who has followed the recent fortunes of Barcelona could really have been surprised by their Champions League quarter-final thrashing at the han...
22 July, 2020

David Moyes delusion laid bare as West Ham boss prepares for Manchester United return

Manchester United take on West Ham United on Wednesday knowing that a win will mean they only need a draw against Leicester City in the final game of ...
26 June, 2020

Using Pinnacle’s Odds to Build a Profitable Betting System

Last month, GodsOfOdds published my article discussing the superior efficiency or accuracy of Pinnacle’s closing odds over the closing odds of o...
07 May, 2020

How Accurate are Pinnacle’s Closing Odds?

Last month, GodsOfOdds published an article demonstrating how beating the closing line or the closing odds can be used as a measure of the skill of a ...
28 April, 2020

Using simulations to demonstrate the merit of closing line value

In our article about survivorship bias, we demonstrated that some unskilled tipsters would - in the short to medium term - achieve impressive results ...
16 April, 2020

What is closing line value profit and closing line value yield?

In our article about survivorship bias, we demonstrated that some unskilled tipsters would - in the short to medium term - achieve impressive results ...
09 April, 2020

Expected Goals: The merits (and demerits) of the statistic taking over football

With the application of data becoming more and more prevalent in today's game, the use of Expected Goals (xG) in football has been right near the top ...
07 April, 2020

Countering the bookmaker’s margin - Part 3: How to get an edge

  In our two previous articles about countering the bookmaker’s margin, we explored how you can reduce the margin by betting with several ...
14 February, 2020

Countering the bookmaker’s margin - Part 2: Value betting

Our article about how the bookmaker makes money showed that bookmakers try to put some margin into every bet you make. Because of this margin, bookmak...
10 February, 2020

Why the underlying numbers are on Manchester United's side

There is a definite narrative building that surrounds the future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United. At the time of writing United sit seven...
10 February, 2020

Countering the bookmaker’s margin - Part 1: Odds comparison

As the bookmakers are applying some margin to every bet they offer and as this consistently puts them in a position where they can buy low and sell hi...
28 January, 2020

How to Remove the Bookmaker’s Margin to Calculate True Odds

For any tipster or bettor signed up to the principles of value betting – and if you’re not, you should give up now – the most import...
14 January, 2020

How the bookmaker makes money

There are several differences between wagers with friends and family and wagers with a betting company. One of the most important is that all betting ...
01 October, 2019

How survivorship bias is abused by tip-selling websites

Many websites are set up with the purpose of selling betting tips, and the tipsters employed are usually shown to have impressive tipping histories. T...
05 September, 2019

Betting odds explained

Many people will first encounter betting in the form of friendly bets with friends and family.
05 August, 2019

Take care where you deposit

In the past I have worked as a paper boy, taxi driver and racing journalist. However the only “proper” jobs I have ever had is in the onli...