Our ambitions at Gods of Odds are straightforward. We intend to provide our community with betting tips, analysis and educational articles of the highest quality. The steps we will take to put you in the best position to evaluate our different tipsters’ performances are unprecedented, and we will never inflate the performance of our tipsters in any way. We will not be afraid to speak truth to power, no matter who we are addressing or writing about. Every time we write about a betting company, you can rest assured that what you read is our honest opinion, no holds barred.

Gods of Odds is a bit of an ironic name. Even if our gods of odds, or our hired tipsters and analysts are of the highest quality, they are all still human. We have complete faith in their tipping prowess and how well our product matches up versus the alternatives, but we are also aware that following their tips may not be a major cash cow for you.

Our ambitions at Gods of Odds are straightforward. We intend to provide our community with betting tips, analysis and educational articles of the highest quality.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that when tips with a positive value expectation are available, it will always be hard for followers to get on at the advised price. This problem is compounded by the facts that we offer our tips free of charge and that most tipsters able to beat the bookies long term are offering tips for smaller betting sports, where it takes smaller volumes to move the markets.


We are constantly looking to expand our team of hired tipsters and contributors, if you are confident that you have what we are looking for, as a new god of odds, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us, writing a mail to [email protected], and we can discuss this.

There is an overabundance of websites offering betting tips, claiming that their tipsters are prophets or betting gods of some kind. We do not like such websites and the practices they employ. The sad reality is that the majority of these websites are akin to snake oil salesmen selling quack remedies. They use a vast array of tricks to inflate the performances of their tipsters; from deleting losing picks, to listing odds which were not available when the tip was launched, to launching picks after the result is already known. The sad reality is that just because a website is having the tips proofed, the veracity of the proofing cannot be trusted, as scams revolving around tips proofing have been uncovered in the past. Even if a website does not cheat directly, the perceived performance of their tipsters can easily be inflated through the survivorship bias.

We will try to ensure the quality of our tipsters by not solely focusing on their track records, but mostly on their working processes and knowhow of odds, gambling and the sports they are providing tips for. We will never hire any tipster without first having had a thorough discussion with him/her and unearthing why this particular tipster should be able to provide long-term profits for our community.

We advise punters to use extreme caution when following tipsters. To maximize your ability to accurately judge our tipsters, we will not only display the numbers making up the history of their tips and the corresponding graph, but also produce several tailor-made solutions. 

The expected profit and yield, also known as closing line value, is a calculation of how the tips are performing when measured against Pinnacle's closing odds after Pinnacle's margin has been removed. These are often the very best indicators of the quality of a tipster. 

The profit and yield Min. Odds are good indicators of the accuracy of the tipster’s minimum odds. This is an important benchmark as many tipsters have a tendency to drastically overestimate the edge of their picks.

You will have the possibility to display a yield distribution graph for every tipster who has posted in excess of 100 tips. Such graphs do a superb job of visualising the impact luck is likely to have had on a tipster’s performance. 

Our tipsters’ performance will never be affected by the survivorship bias as we will never delete any hired tipster’s record, no matter how unlucky this tipster has been or how poorly he/she has performed.

We know of no quick or easy fixes for making money through sports betting. It is certainly possible to beat the bookies and make a handsome profit. However, we do not know of anyone able to do this in the long term without hard work, dedication and discipline. So if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this is probably not the site for you.

Another focal point for Gods of Odds is the online gaming industry itself. In our estimation the industry is in a sorry state. The mindset of most betting company executives seems to be that the money should flow fast and furiously from the customers to the companies. Any customer indicating, through his/her betting action, that he/she is not a sure long-term loser runs a high risk of having their wagering limits severely curtailed. Regulation is often lax or inefficient, and in many cases the betting companies get away with murder. Several of the websites dedicated to conflict resolution are in our opinion less efficient and effectual than the punters deserve. Our best advice is to bet exclusively with reputable operators, as it can be exceptionally difficult to get justice if you have been mistreated by a betting company.

Even though we stand to earn revenue acting as an affiliate for some betting companies, we will always be impartial and candid when expressing our opinions and we are not the least bit afraid to jeopardize any relationship we may have with any betting company by telling the truth. If we find that we are no longer able to recommend an operator, we will make sure to inform the community of this in no uncertain terms. If you disagree with any of our recommendations, please drop us a line and explain how and why you think we are wrong. We will certainly look into it.