Moritz Seider makes big impression on NHL debut
28 October, 2021

For years, NHL fans have been waiting to see what the hype around Moritz Seider actually looks like. European hockey stars have become quite common in recent years, but few have quite the same cache of hype around them as the German blueliner. However, after two years of waiting and anticipation, the Germany finally took part in an NHL game – and the Detroit Red Wings look set to be the beneficiary of all of that patience.

The player looked outstanding on debut, a defensive titan who was easily one of the most assured defenders on ice that evening. Red Wings fans have grown used to being a team that makes poor decisions, so the fact they appear to have hit such a huge win with the highly-hyped German looks to be a net win for the organisation. Decades of progress on the ice and off it had seen the Red Wings seen as a cannot-fail franchise, but the last few years have shown that to be a fallacy.

They played pretty good against big favourites – Washington Capitals, thin night and earn the hard victory in overtime. There are probably some tipster who failed to win betting on favourites. For getting good Tipster knowledge and overview, you need to read tipster reviews at our partner website.

However, the arrival of Seider is also backed up by the arrival of the equally intriguing Lucas Raymond. Seider, though, is potentially the most exciting young player to enter the NHL this year. Already, people are comparing him to Niklas Lidstrom, a fellow defensive monster who was a game-changer in Detroit.

The arrival of such an exciting player in such a relatively low moment for the team, then, could be essential to ensuring that the future looks to be a brighter one for Red Wings fans all around the world.

The player was expected to drop outside the Top 10 of the 2019 NHL Draft; instead, the Red Wings chose him at sixth spot to much acrimony at the time. Now, it looks like a case of patient, intelligent planning.

The rise of another European prospect

Seider immediately looked at home on ice even when playing in the German top-flight. Prior to his NHL selection, though, he had precious little game time and many thought banking a sixth overall pick on such a risk was a ridiculous decision. However, Seider has emerged as potentially the most exciting player of the 2019 draft.

He enjoyed a fantastic AHL debut and looked among the best of the rookie class. Playing in the top league in Sweden seen him become an even better player, and he won the top defender title at the World Championship in the spring. This was proof that Seiger was more than just a fingers-crossed punt. The waiting, though, amid the Red Wings having a bit of a meltdown over the last couple of years, was a huge challenge.

Patience, though, looks set to be rewarded. The Red Wings have in their possession one of the most exciting young players in the sport. They could have, in years to come, one of the most naturally gifted and powerful defenders in hockey. If the pick looks to pay off as it did, people will look back in years to come at the acrimony and wonder what all the fuss was about.

After all, you only need to see Seider once to know that this is a quality, quality player.


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