Gary Neville predicts ‘collision course’ for Spurs and Harry Kane
06 August, 2021

As one of the most regular voices within English football punditry, Gary Neville is widely regarded as a pundit with his finger on the pulse. The former Manchester United man has polarised opinion during his rise as a pundit, but has become associated with the best that is on offer on UK TV and online media. Often asked to give his views on a whole range of topics across English football, Neville has spoken at length about various key topics. He has been speaking about the latest on Harry Kane, with the Spurs captain no longer arriving for training.

Seen as the ‘nuclear’ option that often turns fans against a player, Neville was quick to offer his own insight on what happens next. With the Kane transfer being seen as one of the summer sagas to watch out for, Neville noted that things are now on a ‘collision course’. Spurs fans, of course, are all too aware of how Daniel Levy does business; if he does not ‘win’ the deal, he will not make the signing possible.

Therefore, fans should be expecting a transfer saga to unfold after Kane’s decision. Levy does not like to lose, and especially does not like losing control in a deal. This, then, has all of the hallmarks of a long-running transfer saga that could easily bleed into the season itself.

What did Gary Neville say about Harry Kane?

Speaking to Sky Sports, where Neville is a key pundit, the former England man said: “If Harry Kane was meant to report to pre-season training with Tottenham on Monday, then he should've come back. You can never advocate any player not turning up for training - it's as simple as that.

“You've got to turn up and you've got to do your job. However, I've worked with Harry and I can't think of a more professional footballer that I've ever seen. He does everything right, so he must be seriously annoyed. Something has happened badly that has made him do that.”

Interestingly, Kane done an interview with Neville late on in last season where he made it clear that his ambitions were to most likely move on. He even openly spoke on the concept of his worth on the transfer market, and how much Spurs should hold out for. Such open comments are rare in the closed world of football today, but shows just how keen Kane is to get out of the Spurs team.

Neville, though, was quick to say that the lack of arriving for training was not a good look, adding: “It still doesn't excuse it for me. He should still have come into training, and you respect your team-mates. You still have to go and stand with them and sit in the dressing-room, but it's clear now that there's a collision course.”

For Spurs fans, the hope will be that a solution can be found in the near future – too much time is being lost to a saga that really needs a definitive end one way or another.


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