Zvonimir Boban bites back at Premier League leading coaches
27 September, 2022

Go back to the 1990s, and Zvonimir Boban was one of the best midfielders in Europe. The Croatian played a major role in helping AC Milan become the global powerhouse they are today, cementing their position in the early 1990s as a truly elite football club. The former Milan player enjoyed a spell on the board, but left in acrimonious circumstances. In a recent interview with Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, Boban went through some very intriguing topics.

For Milan fans, hearing from a true legend of the club is always nice. As ever, too, Boban was happy to provide some illuminating soundbites about his general view on football, the sport, and his former club.

One topic that came up was of his former club Milan to how they handled some key board discussions. In the summer, Paolo Maldini – a Milan legend and seen as a major catalyst to their revival and eventual title win last year – extended his contract. However, it is believed that an extension was not thrashed out until the previous deal had literal hours to go. Boban said that it was “surprising” to see the delay, and that it was also “very disappointing” given how much Maldini had done for the club.

Maldini, remember, was nearly pushed out the door to hire Ralf Rangnick. The German instead endured a horrifying time at Manchester United before escaping to coach the Austrian national team.

Boban snipes back at Jurgen Klopp and Josep Guardiola

A fiery character by nature, Boban was also asked about comments made by Guardiola of Manchester City, and Klopp of Liverpool. Both coaches have been vocal in their complaints about European and domestic football scheduling. Boban, though, was not interested in the complaints, saying: “They should talk to their clubs who are pushing to play more European games because that’s where they get the most revenue. I’ve never heard Franco Baresi or Ruud Gullit complain because they played 60 games per season.

“Never heard Marcello Lippi or Fabio Capello argue, and they still won everything. Klopp and Guardiola win the Premier League with their clubs and always reach the Champions League Final or semi-final. They have 25 stars and five subs, I don’t understand why they complain. Perhaps, they are just excuses, but they don’t need them. I understand that in England, they have one more domestic competition, but they should argue with their league.”

Super League not possible, according to Boban

Another interesting topic that came up in the discussion was the presence of the Super League. The European project which would have seen several major clubs – including Milan – join up was decried by fans across Europe. Boban himself was no fan of the idea, either.

When asked about what he thought of the project, Boban noted: “The Super League was an absurd plan, which died in two days. Actually, it was never born. Any plan not including the values of sport in the first place is destined to end badly. Football belongs to all those who love it and the Super League was a misguided attempt that failed as it deserved. We’ve been talking too much about it. It will never exist.”


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