Sergio Busquets expected to make MLS move in 2023
22 December, 2022

As one of the all-time great midfielders of FC Barcelona, Sergio Busquets is the kind of player fans tend to appreciate after they leave. His metronomic passing and midfield reading make him an invaluable resource – he has even played as a central defender in the past for the Blaugrana. However, all good things come to an end, and it is expected that Busquets will leave in the summer of 2023.

Some even speculate he could leave as early as January. With Barca two points clear at the top of the table, though, he might wish to hold on and see if he can win one more major domestic honour before departing. Much like teammate and friend Gerard Pique, though, Busquets has been toiling on the pitch for some time. So, when he leaves, it is expected he will not arrive at another top club or league – instead, he will go to America.

Major League Soccer (MLS) might be a more developmental league than the derided ‘retirement home’ it once was, but Busquets is a different breed of player. The MLS doors are still open for elite talent to come in their latter years. Just as Inter Miami are expected to land Lionel Messi at some stage in the future, it is expected that Busquets will arrive in Miami – or another big-city MLS team.

Barca, though, should be careful what they wish for. While moving on from such a player is never easy, fans have for some time wanted to see Busquets leave. His outstanding presence in the team, though, will be nigh-impossible to replace. His current coach, Xavi, knows what Busquets does for the team. And, according to the words of rising star Pedri, he does more than any fan can understand.

What did Pedri say about Sergio Busquets?

Speaking ahead of the FIFA World Cup, Pedri was asked what he was excited about. With eight of the Spanish national team squad aged 23 or under, this is a rather youthful side who will take to the pitch this summer. Busquets is one of only two veterans who won UEFA Euro 2012, after all. According to Pedri, though, the encouragement and wisdom of his senior teammate is invaluable.

When asked about who he would go to for advice and insight, Pedri answered Busquets, saying: “Above all Busi, who also plays in a position similar to mine. He helps us a lot. He has a vision that is different from everyone else, he sees football before everyone else and he is the one who helps us the most.”

The younger, who speaks with the maturity of a veteran, also noted that this is a true team with no stars or hierarchy to the playing staff, concluding: “We don’t have a superstar, the group is our best star. When you all run together and everyone knows what they want and what you’re playing for, I think you have already achieved plenty and a good chance of winning.”


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