Paris Saint-Germain set for transfer overhaul this summer
28 May, 2023

Paris Saint-Germain look set to rebuild their squad in a new look and image this summer. The club has long been a place for stars to turn to, but after years of signing veteran talent in a ‘Showtime’ era style reminiscent of basketballs Los Angeles Lakers, PSG have found themselves unhappy at the results such a signing policy has created. Indeed, there are reports that the club will look to go about a complete rebuild of their signing policy.

When Luis Campos joined PSG as a transfer advisor, his reputation was one of building a younger nucleus. And while several 2022 summer signings such as Renato Sanches fit this mould, there has been a reticence to go ‘Full Campos’ – until now. The debacle of how the Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr. era has worked out has left the club exasperated and ready for a comprehensive change.

Given the academic talent that comes through the Paris clubs academy, there is a belief that more youth opportunities will be provided. Players from Paris and France will be targeted, and younger players from South America will be the main aim.

What makes PSG different to many teams chasing young players is the ability to keep them around. While other clubs in Europe will happily sign young talent, it is primarily with the aim of selling them on in the future – ironically to clubs like PSG. The people at the top of Paris, though, want to build a next generation team with players either arriving in their peaks or in their early-to-mid 20s.

This will help to build a team that has the energy and quality to compete in Europe as well as dominate in the domestic league – exactly what PSG envisioned when they started star-shopping.

Summer overhaul expected to bring cultural change

Commentators and insiders have often focused on the lack of discipline and control that is inherent within the PSG project. Many players come and go without much opportunity, and many signings fail to make the grade as originally expected. Other signings arrive and have a ‘last day pay’ feel to them, meaning that PSG often feel short-changed for the massive wages they pay.

This is why the summer of 2023 is likely to see highly paid veterans like Messi and Neymar leave. It will also see the likes of Manuel Ugarte targeted. The energetic Uruguayan has been a critical part of the squad developed at Sporting Clube de Portugal, and he fits the profile of player that PSG are aiming for.

The belief is that the club can retain their household names like Mbappe whilst moving on from the unsuccessful Messi-Neymar reprisal from their Barcelona days. Other names linked with the club include Lucas Hernandez. Though older than Ugarte, Hernandez is French, plays for the national team, fills a key position in the formation that PSG will employ, and is also in his prime age years.

Expect change to be around in Paris this summer, starting with the exit and movement of key veterans from previous seasons. After years of collecting stars, PSG look finally ready to build a cohesive project.

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