Liverpool expecting serious offers for club in the future
22 November, 2022

In case you missed it, Liverpool FC are up for sale. The English giants are on the market, as current owners FSG want to move on from the club and finally take in that eye-watering profit. With the club bought for the bones of £300m, they could sell the club for 10x that fee today – perhaps even more. With FSG keen to buy into the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the future, either Phoenix Suns or an upcoming expansion franchise, they could use the funds from Liverpool to back that deal up.

Reports had been circling for some time that the Reds were up for sale. Now, though, a report last week more or less guaranteed that the club was going to be available for purchase. An initial anem that was mentioned was Steve Balmer. The former Microsoft CEO is seen as the ideal owner. He is worth something to the tune of $80bn, and he would bring a wealth of sports ownership experience.

NBA followers will know that Balmer owns the Los Angeles Clippers, the ‘little brother’ and rival of the more illustrious Los Angeles Lakers. Despite lacking the hardware in terms of trophy wins that the Lakers have, the Clippers have been one of the leading lights in the NBA for the last five or six years.

They routinely post one of the best rosters in the NBA, and have among the deepest teams in the current season. This is all backed by Balmer and his massive commitment to covering their luxury tax costs. He would be the ideal choice for Liverpool in that he has sports ownership in his current portfolio, he is incredibly wealth, and he does not come with the potential ethical headaches other owners would.

According to CBS journalist Ben Jacobs, though, there has been a lot of interest in the club.

What was said about Liverpool FC being sold?

It has to be stressed that fans should not expect a quick sale. This is not a process where the club has a deadline; they are happy to listen to offers for either part or full ownership. however, as Jacobs noted on his Twitter account, things are moving forward faster than some might have expected. He noted that Fenway would prefer to go for a full sale as opposed to partial sale, and it is presumed that a deal is already in the works.

As he noted that his sources suggest that “wheels are very much in motion”, Jacobs also noted that manager Jurgen Klopp was told that the next two transfer windows, at least, are safe from any sale-oriented limits. Since Liverpool look like they might have to spend a record amount to rejuvenate their squad, this should be music to the ears of a manager about to face up to a significant reshaping of his squad ahead of the 2023-24 season beginning.

Given the amount of money involved, though, this could still take well into next year for a deal to be finalised. 


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