Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur set for postponed fixture to be played at two days’ notice
12 January, 2021

It has now been answered, and it is to take place at extremely short notice. Fulham and Spurs have both been asked to play the fixture again on the 13th January, after the game was called off last week. Fulham have consequently had to move a game that was set for Friday and are unimpressed with the way the situation has come around. The situation is exasperated by the fact that Aston Villa are having to postpone their own game with Spurs due to a COVID outbreak at the Midlands club.

This left a short but opportune window to get the postponed game from last week played, albeit with both clubs given very little notice on the situation taking place. Spurs, though, will simply take part in a different home game. For Fulham, the inconvenience comes from having to deal with a game that was not expected – away to a tough city rival – and also then see a game set for Friday moved to a different date. This comes as part of the continual need to try and finish the Premier League season ahead of the Euro 2021 window, meaning games have to be played at extremely short notice in some situations.

With Aston Villa the latest team to have games postponed due to a major COVID outbreak, it has seen many clubs already with fixture irregularities. Many teams so far have struggled to retain either fully fit squads or fulfil every fixture when first asked due to rising numbers of cases. Recently, the Premier League has returned some of its highest record COVID positive tests since the season began.

For both clubs involved in this fixture, though, it does mean removing a game that was lingering over both in hand. This could become problematic if not played before a certain date, with the likelihood being that this would be one of the few chances to play the game for both sides. For Fulham, though, the main contention comes from having to move back other fixtures in a bid to try and solve the problem that has taken place.

Fulham and Spurs are two clubs who have seen various issues with COVID so far, and for that reason both managers have been open about the challenges it has created on a continually unpredictable season. This, then, if further proof that the unpredictability is to continue for a while yet.


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