Number of Tips
Average Odds
Average Closing Odds
Graphs displayed
Profit 1/2 Kelly
Yield 1/2 Kelly
Closing line profit ?
Closing line yield ?
Profit Min. Odds
Yield Min. Odds
Profit Closing Odds
Yield Closing Odds
% is
% is

The above graph shows the likelihood of various possible betting yields for the tipping record of this tipster.

The line on the graph shows in how many percent of the cases (Y axis) a tipster with this precise tipping history will achieve the yield defined by the X axis.

You can use the boxes underneath the graph to check how likely a tipster with such a tipping history is to achieve a yield in excess or below whatever percentage you care to enter.

As a default we have have entered zeros, which means that before you change the numbers inside the boxes the probability that the tipping record of this tipster is profitable or losing just by chance is displayed.

We have taken the idea from a spreadsheet made available by Joseph Buchdahl on his website.


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